United by our love of Majorca!

Our contribution to happy island life in a nutshell.

01 | What does Mallorca & Friends do? 

We work extremely hard day after day to make island life in Majorca more relaxed, exciting and even educational, depending on your requirements. It's all about increasing your joie de vivre in Majorca. 


Mallorca & Friends provides professional home and lifestyle management services.

  • Home management stands for qualified property management in Majorca. An overview of the detailed services included in our portfolio is available here. » learn more
  • Majorca lifestyle & experiences: Mallorca & Friends is a creative network for interesting, exciting and educational projects covering the exciting topic of Majorca. We bring together talented, creative people, local institutions, innovative brands, artists, manufacturers and companies who share a kindred spirit. Together, we develop and implement special experiences, activities and workshops.               » learn more

02 | Where are Mallorca & Friends services available?

 Our services are available in Majorca – because this is our wonderful workplace, our life and our home. Currently, our homemanagement services are usually restricted to the south-west, Palma, the south and south-east, due to logistical requirements. 

03 | Why Mallorca & Friends? 

Maximum customer satisfaction, great products and outstanding service are our stated goal. As are cordial cooperation in our daily encounters and generous hospitality. 


 We aim to deal with customers, guests, partners and friends as a professional service provider and sympathetic host. The service portfolio and working methods of Mallorca & Friends are based on expertise, fairness and reliability. Our behaviour towards our fellow human beings is genuine, respectful and transparent.


Mallorca & Friends achieves its objectives together with others – so friendship, consideration and trust are very important to us. We actively contribute our ideas, get to the bottom of things, take responsibility and address any grievances directly. When we do something, we do it with dedication and never half-heartedly, always acting in a results and solution-oriented manner. If we are struggling, we help each other out.


Our actions are always characterised by respect and appreciation for people and the environment.  

04 | How can you get in touch?

Home management

Please send us an email or give us a call. After a phone conversation, during which we will clarify your requirements or open questions, we will arrange to visit you, so that we can meet each other. We will then issue you with a non-binding quote. 


Majorca lifestyle & experiences

We welcome inquiries, comments and fruitful collaboration. Please send us an email with a brief description of your requirements and we will contact you immediately.

05 | Team & languages

Mallorca & Friends has an international team that speaks Spanish, Catalan, German, English and Russian.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to arrange an appointment!

We would like to hear from you.


Michael Strähle


Languages: German, Spanish, English


Tel                   +34  971 443 283

Mobile           +34  622 766 012



Olga Janzen


Languages: German, Spanish, English, Russian


Tel                   +34  971 443 283

Mobile           +34  652 063 134



Joan Amengual Bassa


 Agricultural engineer and gardener




General Construction and Mallorcan Stone Craftmanship



José María González Ballester

Arquitecto Técnico - Colegiado n. 1939 - COAATMCA



Óscar Marín Rubio

Sports Consultant & Event Management


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Avinguda d'Alexandre Rosselló, 4, 3º

07006 Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca | España - Baleares


+34 622-766 012





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