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"Memorable encounters. Entertaining, creative and educational island experiences & workshops."

Participation and involvement, friendships and a focus on authenticity.


The aim is for people to come together as friends in Majorca... discover and actively experience the positive spirit and differing characteristics of "our island". To uncover feelings, backgrounds and lifestyles, and to open up new perspectives or rediscover old traditions.

 Mallorca & Friends is a network, platform and community for promoting creative projects, activities and intercultural dialogue within the cosmopolitan population, as well as sharing these with interested and curious visitors from all over the world.

 Participation and involvement, friendships and a focus on authenticity. The focus is on a culture of togetherness, the respectful use of natural resources and a love for the islands, the fascinating Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking landscapes. 

Entertaining, creative and educational island experiences & workshops

Events & workshops

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Island Life | Mallorca & Friends

 We love the charming island lifestyle with all its energy, diversity and zest for life. Alongside inspiring island residents and innovative, local firms, we formulate and organise projects, events and workshops, thereby passionately creating exceptional, individual experiences – exciting Mediterranean island stories and discoveries that sustainably connect and bring like-minded people together, immersing us in the local culture. 

Memorable people & products

We distance ourselves from the oversupply of tourism services and focus on selected encounters and first-class, high-quality products and services.  Selective instead of mainstream and a deliberate focus on the essentials for increased originality. Back to our roots – naturalness, regionality and transparency characterise this positive trend to the benefit of locals and open-minded travellers alike.


Platform for creative experiences & discoveries | Made in Majorca

Mallorca & Friends works in collaborative partnership with innovative brands, friends, institutions, artists and manufacturers with a kindred spirit. Be these traditional firms carefully preserved and proven for many generations or cool, avant-garde start-ups, without exception they all share our philosophy of warm-hearted, cosmopolitan hospitality combined with professionalism and sustainability. Mallorca & Friends is involved in gastronomy, fashion, culture, music, the outdoors & sports, travel and wellbeing. 

Mediterranean island stories that sustainably connect and bring people together.

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